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Putting PowerPoint on a Web Page

I've seen a lot of creative and sometimes hair-brained schemes for publishing PowerPoint files to a web site. But if a timed sequence of static slides works for your presentation, a simple animated GIF is a cheap and easy way to go. The free ImageMagick command line tools make it straightforward.

  1. Install ImageMagick and make sure that the target install directory is in your path.
  2. Open your presentation in PowerPoint, choose Save As, and choose the .PNG file format. When prompted, select "export all slides".
  3. Open a command prompt, and change to the directory where the slides were saved as PNG files.
  4. To help ImageMagick get the slide order right, rename the slides named Slide1.PNG through Slide9.PNG to Slide01.PNG through Slide09.PNG (adding the leading zeros).
  5. Use the ImageMagick command line tool "convert" to convert the images to a pixel size suitable for your web site. Ex: convert -geometry 540 Slide*.PNG
  6. Now use the same tool to compress all of the PNGs into a single animated GIF with a delay of 10 seconds between each slide: convert -delay 1000 -loop 0 Slide*.PNG presentation.gif

That's it! Upload the GIF to your web site and add it to your page normally.

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