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Tunneling VNC Over MyEntunnel

MyEntunnel is a cool app for tunneling SSH [WikiPedia] via Windows. I use it primarily to proxy IM connections from work to my Linux server at home. Today, with some help from StickyC, I set it up to tunnel VNC [WikiPedia]. Here are the settings.

My VNC server is running on the same Linux box as the SSH server. So in the "Local:" pane of the Tunnels tab of MyEntunnel, I added: 5901: By default, VNC runs on ports 5901 and up, so this line means forward port 5901 from the machine running the SSH server to port 5901 on the machine running MyEntunnel. After adding this line, I restarted the tunnel by clicking the "Disconnect", then "Reconnect" button. Finally, when I launched the VNC client on my Windows machine, I told it to connect to This means connect to the first VNC server on the local machine. The first VNC server maps to port 5901, which is what MyEntunnel forwards to the SSH server, where the real VNC server resides.

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