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Downloads from Linn Records

If you're an audiophile [WikiPedia], then you know of Linn, the Scottish maker of superb hi-fi equipment and loudspeakers. They also have a record label called Linn Records that produces high-quality classical and jazz recordings.

Linn Records just announced that they are offering online downloadable purchases of their recordings. And they're doing it right: You can choose from three different downloadable formats, and there is no DRM [WikiPedia], which means you can play the music anywhere you'd like, no restrictions whatsoever. They even provide downloadable test files that enable you to calibrate playback on your PC or media player.

Even better, Linn is using the downloadable format to offer music in a 24-bit / 96KHz format. This format has been typically restricted to SACD [WikiPedia] and DVD-Audio [WikiPedia] format disks, so Linn's new downloads give everyone a chance to hear this better-than-CD-quality audio.

This is an exciting development for online downloads, and I hope Linn is successful with this. I'm going to buy some Martin Taylor music right now.

In an interesting aside, according to Tim Anderson's blog, Apple is refusing to allow Linn to offer music in Apple's Lossless encoding format (ALAC).

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Here's to the Creative Commons license and getting rid of the RIAA and MPAA. They've ruled the arts for far too long. While we're at it lets go back to a 17 year life span for copyrights. Thomas Jefferson even believed a copyright should only last 3 years. Maybe that would be better. DRM will kill the arts.

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Have you ever checked out Magnatune (http://magnatune.com) ? No DRM, and lots of great classical and other genres.

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Yep, Magnatune is a really nice music service. I've got a blog post queued up about my experience buying music from them, Linn, and another DRM-free store. I'll post it soon.

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