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Streaming WMA Lossless from a Mac to a PlayStation 3

While the PS3 has native support for playing standard WMA music files, it does not support the WMA Lossless format. My music library is ripped to WMA Lossless, so I wanted to find a way to stream the collection to my new PS3 Slim.  Fortunately, the open source PS3 Media Server project makes thi... read more →

Patching PACPL for Album Art and WMA Lossless Support

PACPL, the Perl Audio Converter, is a great Perl script that will batch transcode audio files from one format to another.  For a variety of reasons, my music library is in the WMA Lossless format, and I wanted to use PACPL to transcode the WMA files to MP3.  By default, PACPL does not supp... read more →

Great CD Sleeves from Slappa

I still buy CDs.  And until Amazon.com or iTunes starts selling music in a lossless format, I’ll likely continue to do so.  However, I rip CDs to my PC immediately after purchase, leaving me with the problem of where to store the CD.  Dumping the CD jewel case and storing just the C... read more →

Downloads from Linn Records

If you're an audiophile , then you know of Linn, the Scottish maker of superb hi-fi equipment and loudspeakers. They also have a record label called Linn Records that produces high-quality classical and jazz recordings. Linn Records just announced that they are offering online downloadable purc... read more →