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Checking iTunes Remote

I have an Apple Airport Express unit attached my stereo system, and I use the iTunes Remote app on my iPad to play music that is stored in iTunes on a Mac mini. This usually works great, but I noticed a problem after cleaning up my music library: some albums would not play all of their tracks in seq... read more →

From Linux to Mac

I have a server at home that handles a variety of tasks, such as DNS hosting/caching, media serving, home automation, printer/scanner sharing, and security camera control.  I’ve been running everything on an old P3-733 Linux Box for over 8 years.  This summer, in the interest of making a... read more →

A PC Guy and MacBook Air

I've been using the MacBook Air for about a month now. I haven't used a Mac since they ran System 7, and I've been an avid ThinkPad X-series user for the past 5 or 6 years. Before then, I was a fan of Sony Vaio laptops. I'm a PC guy. I've been using PCs since MS-DOS 3, Window... read more →

Use Crtl-T to Tag Files in MC on Mac

I've been using MC (Midnight Commander) for years on *nix systems, and was happy to get it running in the Terminal on the Mac. But where the heck is the Insert key on a Macbook Air? You need the Insert key to select files in MC! Thankfully, a helpful blogger pointed out that MC also uses the co... read more →