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Troubles with Tulip

As I was experimenting with music server software, I noticed something odd with the network config on my Linux box. syslog was constantly reporting this error:

eth0: PNIC2 transmit timed out, status e4660000, CSR6/7 e0406002 / effffbff CSR12 000000c8, resetting…

Uh, hmm. Rebooted the Linux box for the first time in months. Noticed this in syslog:

eth0: Lite-On PNIC-II rev 37 at 0xe800, 00:C0:F0:74:8D:91, IRQ 10.
eth0: Autonegotiation failed, using 10baseT, link beat status 10cc.

Half-duplex 10baseT on a full-duplex 100baseTX network ain't gonna cut it. Driver problem? (I'm running kernel 2.4.20-mh18, card uses tulip.o driver).

My driver install log:

  • download all drivers using ncftpget ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/network/ to new dir /usr/src/netdrivers
  • backup my /lib/modules dir
  • typed make all
  • errors compiling ns820.c
  • edited Makefile to remove ns820.o, copied ns820.c to ns820.c.BAD
  • success with make all, typed make install
  • dependency error with cb_shim.o
  • deleted cb_shim.o, reran depmod -a, rebooted

No luck, same error in syslog. Discovered card brand and ID: Kingston KNE111TX, freebie from DSL provider, I think. Rummage through box in closet. Find Linksys LNE100TX. Power down. 12 screws later, power up.

Problem gone.


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Howdy. I found my way here Googling that "transmit timed out" error message. Sounds like it was a hardware failure then?
I'm getting almost the same message, on my own freebie Kingston card. Time to dig through the spare parts/junk bin I suppose.

Also, enjoyed your posts on the whole-house music storage .. it just may have inspired me to re-rip my collection to FLAC. Although since most of my music listening is mobile, maybe it's time to give rockbox another try on my iPod.

posted by: Larry | URL: www.spoon.cx/~larcher/blog/

Yup, hardware dud. I've since installed a 1000Gb card, which was a worthwhile upgrade.

I've made some nice progress with the audio stuff. I need to post about it. Roku's are awesome :-)

posted by: MikeyP | URL: www.mikeyp.com