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Mandrake RPM for Motion

For some reason, the latest Mandrake RPM available for Motion [motion, motionrpm] is version 3.0.7. There are a lot of nice improvements in the most recent version, so I used the .spec file included in the latest motion build and made a Mandrake RPM.

You can download it here: motion-3.1.17-1mdk.i586.rpm

In this RPM, Motion was configured with these options:

   *   Configure status   *
pthread Support:     Yes
jpeg Support:        Yes
Curl Support:        Yes
V4L included:        Yes
FFmpeg Support:      Yes
xmlrpc-c Support:    No
MYSQL Support:       Yes
PostgreSQL Support:  No

Disclaimer: I'm kinda new at making RPMs, but the spec file from the Motion guys looked fine with a tweak or two. Works well for me, but use at your own risk.

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