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Looking for an Everyday Acoustic

I have two acoustic guitars, a Martin Backpacker and a Takamine G330 dreadnought. I like both guitars a lot, but I'm looking for something a little easier to play, and more versatile and durable as an "everyday guitar."

The Martin Backpacker [B0002IL37Y] is a cool little guitar. It even sounds little (but very nice). It has 15 frets and a decent action, but the rosewood fingerboard is somewhat sticky, even after a lemon oil polish. I wonder if I screwed it up over the years somehow. The tiny body is comfortable, but it takes some practice to keep the little thing steady while playing. This a great guitar to use for practicing fundamentals.

The Takamine dreadnought was a gift from a beautiful lady. As you would hope with a giant guitar like this, it has a fantastic big, rumbly, yet warm tone. The guitar, including the back of the solid neck, has a thick gloss finish which I find a little sticky to slide my hands on. (Maybe I should use some talcum powder like Adrian Legg.) The guitar's size is somewhat of an issue for me - trying to play this Takamine while sitting on the couch is a little like holding a Volkswagen in your lap.

So what guitar should I buy for everyday casual playing? At the moment, I've got my eyes on an Ovation...

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