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Fat Ibanez TS7

If you're in to the Tube Screamer sound for your guitar playing, the bargain pedal from Ibanez is the Tone Lok TS7. At around 40 bucks, it has the same circuit and IC as the more expensive $100 TS9 Tube Screamer and the ridiculous $170 TS808 "Tube Screamer Reissue." (I'm personally not a big Tube Screamer guy, but at $40, it is a nice pedal to play with.)

20 years ago, I used an Ibanez distortion pedal called the FC10 Fat Cat. I preferred it over the Tube Screamer because it had the same gutsy feel but with over-the-top distortion.

The Tone Lok TS7 has a "hot" switch on the top of the pedal, and when activated, it sounds exactly like my old Fat Cat. I even A/B'd the two pedals in my rig tonight, and the similarity is amazing. The Fat Cat is long discontinued, but it appears to be alive inside the bargain TS7 Tube Screamer.

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