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A Peltier Cooler for Wine

I've been thinking of a solution for cellaring wine at home. I do have room under the house to build a proper cellar, but I won't have time to do a big project like that for many years to come. So in the mean time, I've kept my eye on those 'Wine Cooler Fridge' things that are popping up everywhere from Costco to Expo Design Center. The prices range from $100 to infinity, but none of the cheap ones mention anything about two important specs: noise and vibration. The last thing I want is a noisy fridge that shakes vintage wine bottles.

Today I stumbled across a wine cooler at Beverages and More made by Urbina Design. Instead of a traditional refrigerator pump, their cooler actually uses a solid state peltier cooler [Answers] with a finned heat sink on the back. A small fan circulates the air inside the cooler, and supposedly silently keeps temperatures between 12'C and 18'C.

Pretty cool (ha!) choice for a cooler under $300.

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Thanks for the plug — we are successfully responding to a market need to protect wine from vibration, UV light and of course temperature ... No compressor, no condenser and no big compressor motor to cycle on and off.

Our compact cellars store and age wine by keeping it still, dark and cool just like a natural cave or wine cellar.

Contact me on any questions. In addition to BevMo and the Wine Hardware stores throughout CA.

We will be in Chicago at Sam's Wine and Spirits, the largest single beverage store lovcation in the US, starting June 1, 2005.


posted by: Bob | URL: www.urbinadesign.com