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Virgil's Micro Brewed Root Beer

When I was a kid, A&W was the pinnacle of root beers with "that frosty mug taste." But today you can find dozens of specialty root beers and other sodas at places like Beverages and More.

The best root beer of the bunch by a mile is Virgil's. Instead of the syrupy thermonuclear sweetness found in your typical high fructose concoction, Virgil's has a sugary spiciness that goes down smoothly with just enough carbonated bite. The ingredient list is as natural as it can get: purified carbonated water, cane sugar, and over a dozen spices, including Anise, Clove, and Oil of Cassia (!).

What could be better than a cold bottle of Virgil's on a Saturday afternoon? How about this:

Keg of Virgil's Root Beer

An actual keg of Virgil's root beer spotted at a local Cost Plus. That ought to be just enough for a weekend of fragging in Quake 4... :-)

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I love root beer, I have been a fan for years, but I must say I just recently found the best root beer I have ever tasted! Check it out at:

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Awesome! Now I wish I could buy the stuff on the west coast :-(

posted by: MikeyP | URL: www.mikeyp.com