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Keeping or Tossing Old Magazines

In my office closet, I have about 6-8 years worth of Stereo Review / Sound & Vision and Guitar Player magazines. I've kept them because the stereo mags contain reviews of now-vintage hi-fi equipment (which I consider buying now and then), and the guitar magazines have equipment reviews as well as interesting lessons.

But after spending a couple of days cleaning out and reorganizing the closet, I'm wondering why I keep the magazines. They take up a ton of space, and in all this time, I have yet to actually crack open a back issue. Am I ever going to plan a purchase that requires back issue magazine research? Will I ever have enough free time to study even one old guitar lesson? Can I even figure out which magazine has a particular review or lesson?

So what to do? Chuck 'em in the recycling bin? Plow through each one and tear out the most interesting pages? Donate them to a library (do libraries even want this stuff)?

eBay? Nah, forget eBay.

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