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Shadows of a New Ballpark

The Oakland A's are trying to build a new ballpark in Oakland. While I'm pretty excited about the possibility, something really bothers me about the proposed new design. Check it out below:

Proposed A's Ballpark

Notice anything missing? I do: sunshine. Compare the rendering above with the picture from my last visit to the coliseum. Sunny, warm, relaxing open skies. And Oakland. Where's Oakland in this new Oakland A's ballpark?

The proposed hotel in the outfield is a ridiculous idea. Just watch a game in Toronto to see what I mean. Hey Lew Wolff, why not give us back the picturesque view of the Oakland Hills we lost with the construction of Mount Davis?

The A's have a chance to build something unique and fun with the new ballpark. The City of Oakland is so enamored with the idea that they'll probably approve any design carte blanche. I really hope all involved don't bury the opportunity in shade, brick walls, and hotel buildings.

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