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Crunch Mode Life Stats

In the past 8 weeks or so of crunch mode, I've managed to:

  • Read ¾ of one book
  • Play 12 hours of one video game
  • Go to one movie

However, during the same period of time, I've somehow managed to buy:

  • One HDTV
  • Five DVDs
  • Four books
  • Four CDs
  • A Nintendo DS
  • Five video games
  • One DVD drive
  • One hard drive

Strangely, this same crunch mode experience happens to many other people I know. We all seem to buy things we absolutely do not need during crunch. In my garage, I have a half-dozen boxes of unopened power tools that I bought during crunch mode last year. All I can guess is that I was either dreaming of a life where I could work with my bare hands, or perhaps scheming of a way to build a secret escape hatch in the floor of my office. ;-)

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