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SimCity Source Code

My friend Don has updated the source code for his version of SimCity and made it available as an open source project named Micropolis. Electronic Arts generously made the source available as part of the One Laptop per Child project. I am quite familiar with SimCity source code, and I'm sure Don... read more →

Wii Controls Video

A cool video is out that shows off the custom Wii controls in the game I'm working on. Check it out here: http://media.wii.ign.com/media/842/842201/vids_1.html Update: Wow, it is now in the Top 20 on YouTube . ... read more →

Extending Wii Sensor Bar Cable

I'm seeing a bunch of wild and crazy solutions on the net for dealing with the short Wii Sensor Bar cable. I wonder why people are going so crazy with this thing when it is a simple two-conductor wire? If you have even the most basic of soldering skills (or not!), you can pretty easily extend ... read more →

The Godfather for Xbox 360

The Godfather: The Game [godfatherwiivideo, godfather360, godfather] is out for the Xbox 360 . If you've played it on the PS2, you'll find a bunch of new features in the 360 version, including some new missions, a new ability to hire crew members, and my personal favorite, the ability to br... read more →

Rediscovering SimCity Classic Live

Every year or two, someone rediscovers that you can play the full original SimCity Classic over on simcity.com. Today, a writer at 1UP discovered this. SimCity Classic Live was launched back in 1998, and supported Internet Explorer 3, IE4, and Netscape Navigator 4 (!). It runs as an ActiveX contro... read more →

Takahashi Meijin

Oh wow, my old pal Takahashi Meijin has a web site and a blog which he seems to update regularly: http://www.hudson.co.jp/16shot/. I wish I wasn't so illiterate in Japanese so I could read it. And I have got to order one of his T-Shirts. If you don't know who Takahashi Meijin is, he's... read more →

The Godfather: The Game

Leave the gun, take the cannolli. The Godfather ships today for PS2, Xbox, and Windows XP. I think gamers are going to be very surprised to see a game like this come from EA. The PS2 and Xbox games are well worth playing on current gen consoles. No need to wait for XBOX360… play it now. Th... read more →

A DOS Box for Classic Gaming

I have tons of old games for a variety of systems that I never got around to playing. In search of something I could play while waiting for data builds at work, I reached in to my pile of old games and pulled out Ascendancy, an epic space strategy game circa 1995. Unfortunately, my laptop isn'... read more →

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space

I'm really hooked on the game Strange Adventures in Infinite Space by Digital Eel. The best way to describe it is to say that it's a cross between Spaceward Ho! and the classic Super Star Trek, but… enhanced... so that the entire play experience takes only 15 minutes. This is a great... read more →