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Wii Controls Video

A cool video is out that shows off the custom Wii controls in the game I'm working on.

Check it out here: http://media.wii.ign.com/media/842/842201/vids_1.html

Update: Wow, it is now in the Top 20 on YouTube [YouTube].

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Too cool!
Do I get extra nerd points for watching it on my Wii?
I can't wait to get this game. (Of course I'm only about .000001% through Zelda after 4 hours and WoW Burning Crusade drops next week, so feel free to take your time going gold. The babies need to see their Daddy sometime ;) )

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How sad is it that I have a brand new Wii and >$100 worth of games for it and yet I spend most of my time making celebrity look-alike Mii's?
Register me, Mikey and I'll send you my Godfather Mii. It's scurry!


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w00t! Can't wait to see it!

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