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Treo Takes a Vacation

I brought my Treo with me to Hawaii last week, as it has been rock solid for me over the past several months. I figured that I might use it like I do normally on a daily basis, taking notes about things, checking the stock market, ignoring emails, etc.

But the trip for the Treo began ominously, when the guy sitting next to me on the plane whipped out his Blackberry and said, "I see you have a Treo. I went through four of those things before I threw the last one in a garbage can and got this thing. Blackberry is awesome." Odd, my Treo seems to work fine.

When I awoke the next day in Hawaii, I tried to check the news on Yahoo. In the Bay Area, web access on the Treo is pretty zippy, but I was bummed to see how slow the wireless network is on the Big Island. Looks like checking the net wasn't going to be as convenient as I hoped.

The next day, I tried checking Yahoo again, and the Treo reset on me. When I tried to launch Xiino after the reset, it "forgot" that it was a registered copy, and refused to load any URLs. Luckily, I keep the registration info in SplashID, so I grabbed the codes, updated Xiino, and tried to access My Yahoo again. I apparently lost the Cookies during the reset/re-reg, and needed to re-login to My Yahoo. But every time I entered my login info and licked "submit", Xiino and the Treo would hang and I would need to do a soft reset. Ah well, I can live without the news while on vacation.

Another morning, a little time to kill, another try with the Treo. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts with the My Yahoo login screen, I reset the Treo again and it started rebooting itself endlessly. Uh oh. I couldn't remember how to do a Warm Reset, so I did a Cold Reset. And there was the warning dialog: Warning! All of your data will be erased!


I went ahead and Cold Reset the thing, so at least it would stop resetting itself. At home, this would be a non-issue. I would just hotsync with my PC and bingo, the Treo is back with all of my apps and data intact. But I'm not at home. I'm in Hawaii with a virgin Treo. And I suddenly realized that…

  • I have no phone numbers for anyone memorized. Why bother, they're all in the Treo? Oops.
  • My SSH app, so I can ping the house to see the alarm status? Nada.
  • And my passwords and account numbers? All in SplashID, including the PIN code for my new ATM card, which I have yet to memorize.

And I need cash.


How am I going to get cash without my PIN? I ordered a drink immediately. And in my mind, began to rummage through all of the 4 digit numbers I've used in the past couple of months. I decided that it had to be one of two numbers (I hoped), and went to a local ATM machine. The first number I tried worked! Wow, the human brain is a weird thing when it comes to remembering numbers. Or else it was the Mai Tai. And fortunately, the Treo includes decent email and web apps by default, so I was able to use both for checking email and getting web updates, so I knew I could at least email someone if I needed a phone number.


When we finally got back home, we picked up the luggage at the carousel, and headed out to the parking lot. Hmmm, where did we park the car. No prob! I wrote it down in DayNotez, on the Treo.


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look into backup buddy for your sd card- that way you can reset the treo then restore everything back from the card! it probably would have fixed your problem

posted by: matt | URL: treowebinar.com

You are right, self-restoring backups are essential. I now use Resco Backup, and love it.

posted by: MikeyP | URL: www.mikeyp.com