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Suck-O-Meter for the iPhone

Due to overwhelming lack of demand, the Suck-O-Meter is now available for the iPhone! Just head to www.suckometer.com with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and the Suck-O-Meter will launch automatically.

Using a proprietary algorithm that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPhone, the Suck-O-Meter allows you to test whether objects and items "Suck" or "Do Not Suck". Finally, thanks to the Suck-O-Meter, the iPhone is actually useful!

With the Suck-O-Meter, you'll never find yourself wondering if something sucks or not. Now, with the click of a button, you'll always know for sure.

Isn't technology amazing?

Note: Please exercise caution when using the Suck-O-Meter on people.

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