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iPhone Suck-O-Meter Update


I posted an update to the (amazing!) Suck-O-Meter [suckometer, suckometeriphone] app for the iPhone.  Just head to http://www.suckometer.com using Safari, or visit Apple’s Web Apps site.  It will auto-detect your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you’ll soon have a greater awareness of the number of sucky things around you.

The Suck-O-Meter can now run as a stand-alone app if your iPhone is running OS version 2.1 or later.  Just click the “+” button and choose “Add to Home Screen”.  This lets the app load a lot faster, and you won’t see any of the usual browser stuff.

I also removed the Amazon.com ad, and replaced it with an ad banner from AdMob. Previously, there was a 1-in-5 chance you would see the Amazon ad after each “Does it SUCK?” test.  After six months and tens of thousands of page views, I’ve made a whopping $1.43 in ad revenue.  I’m not really trying to make money from this thing, but I do want to know what kind of conversion rates exist for various iPhone ad models.  The AdMob banner appears on the bottom of the screen all the time, and at the moment, seems to think that Suck-O-Meter users are highly interested in a vacation.  Makes sense to me!

Finally, I moved the hot-spot for the about box from the previously dedicated “About…” link on the bottom. Now you can just click the “Suck-O-Meter” title to see the about box and contact support.  You know… if you need support.

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