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One device to rule them all…


The timeline reads from left to right (obviously), and spans about 10-12 years. I couldn’t find my original Palm Pilot Personal. It would have sat to the left of the Visor.  I also don’t show any of my original Windows CE devices, like the Philips Velo.  And I suppose I should note that I actually have two of several of these gadgets.

I’ve always been interested in connectivity for PDAs.  I had the snap-on modem for the Palm Pilot and the OmniSky wireless modem for the Visor. I paired my Zodiac with the Sony phone via Bluetooth and was surfing the net pretty reliably, though slowly, with that setup.  I had a WiFi SD card that worked with the Zodiac, and even set up a Bluetooth Access Point in my house.

It’s interesting to see the incremental evolutionary steps between all of these devices.  But it’s amazing to comprehend the generation leap the iPhone makes over everything before it.

Now that I have this photo, it’s off to the recycler for most of these things.

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