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New, Quieter Comcast DVR

I now have a replacement for my dead Comcast DVR, and I've noticed two interesting things:

1. The hard drive doesn't chatter loudly like the previous Comcast DVR [comcastdvrcodes, newcomcastdvr] . The drive does have a slightly noticeable hum (a bit louder than the drive in my PC), but it is far less annoying than the incessant chatter.
2. The sound quality is better. I can't explain this, especially since I used the coax SPDIF [Answers] connection on both DVRs. My only guess is that the audio settings on the old DVR were incorrect. For the audio settings on the new DVR's Audio Menu, I use Optimal Stereo, Advanced, No Compression, Stereo Output (not Matrix Surround).

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