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A Man and his Martini

As I prepared to settle in for a Saturday evening, I embarked on the creation of a cold beverage. But alas! The source bottle had a new, confounding screw-top design not seen on previous bottles. When I attempted to turn the screw to break it free from its base, the base turned with it.

Gin Bottle with Stupid Screw-Top Design

That will never do. But a man will not let a mere poorly-designed screw-top impede an essential beverage objective. This called for a new set of bar tools.

Wrenching open a gin bottle, part 1 Wrenching open a gin bottle, part 1

Never let it be said that anything gets between a man and his martini. Never.

A perfect beverage

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You know if you switched to box wine from the corner store you'd never have that problem ;)
You and your sophisticated multi-ingredient adult beverages, sheesh.

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