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Pseudo Tansu

I built a custom Tansu-style TV stand for my Pioneer Kuro plasma and PMC LB1 center channel speaker.  The speaker is so large I had almost no choice but to make a custom stand.  I also used this as an opportunity to teach myself some woodworking skills.

Tansu-style TV Stand

This is not a real Tansu, and I'm sure a real Tansu creator would cringe at the design and (lack of) craftsmanship.  Up close, you can see a ton of mistakes I made (poor cuts, plywood tear-out, glue squeeze-out, etc), but at the casual TV viewing distance, I can live with it.  For now.

The whole stand is made from a single sheet of cheap birch plywood, the "macaroni and cheese of woodworking."  It's finished with four coats of Tung Oil, but the birch isn't that pretty, so I'll likely make it darker at some point.

Side note: AOL shut down their member homepages a couple of years ago.  So where can I find the invaluable "Allan's Wood Miser's Workshop" site now besides on archive.org?

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