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Night Vision from Lorex

If you have an outdoor security camera, like a Lorex, the Lorex VQ2120 Night Vision [B00006JPPH] module is a must-have add-on. It has a whopping 68 infrared LEDs that enable a night vision range of nearly 35 feet.

The Night Vision [B00006JPPH] includes a Y-adapter to share the power supply with a Lorex Camera such as the Lorex Pro VQ-1530 [B00005R8TP], but don't use it! When the two devices share the same power supply, the camera will show a rolling noise pattern that will confuse the heck out of any Motion Capture [motionrpm, motion] software. Luckily, it also includes its own power supply, which solves the issue, and allows you to see very cleary which neighbor's dog is pooping in your front yard.

UPDATE Feb 5: As it turns out, while the camera includes a 300mA power supply, the night vision includes a larger 500mA power supply. If you use the Y-adapter with the 500mA PS instead of the 300mA PS (like I initially did), there are no noise issues whatsoever. My mistake - RTFM! :-P

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