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This blog runs on Blosxom , the now-antique simple CGI script created by Rael Dornfest at the beginning of the 21st century. There are far better blogging solutions out there today, but for a hobby blog, Blosxom is fun to tinker with. I use a number of Blosxom plugins, many of which I've highly ... read more →

RSS Feed Subscription

You can follow posts from this blog by adding the RSS feed to a newsreader app or site, such as feedly, Unread, Reeder, and many others. You can also add the RSS feed to web-based news dashboards like Netvibes, or use the built-in reading list features on your computer or mobile device. Many apps a... read more →

highlight.js Source Syntax Highlighting

I just added dynamic source code syntax highlighting to this blog. I opted to use highlight.js instead of the more popular syntaxhighlighter. Both are nice, but I liked the simplicity of highlight.js.  It uses a single JavaScript file, and the formatting is pure CSS.  It’s compatible wit... read more →

Tiki Formatting

This Blosxom config uses the TikiText formatting plugin. Tiki is a wiki-like formatting markup. It is still in development, but is sufficiently useful as-is. Block-Level Formatting Block-Level formatting is set by one or more characters at the start of line followed by a space. Multiple consecutiv... read more →