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From Linux to Mac

I have a server at home that handles a variety of tasks, such as DNS hosting/caching, media serving, home automation, printer/scanner sharing, and security camera control.  I’ve been running everything on an old P3-733 Linux Box for over 8 years.  This summer, in the interest of making a... read more →

Streaming WMA Lossless from a Mac to a PlayStation 3

While the PS3 has native support for playing standard WMA music files, it does not support the WMA Lossless format. My music library is ripped to WMA Lossless, so I wanted to find a way to stream the collection to my new PS3 Slim.  Fortunately, the open source PS3 Media Server project makes thi... read more →

Keeping it Cheap and Steady

I’ve always wanted to get a proper SteadyCam or a Manfrotto Fig Rig to help stabilize non-tripod shots with my video camera, but both options can be a bit expensive.  While a SteadyCam tries to isolate vibrations from the cameraman through gimbals and counterweights, the Fig Rig uses two-hand... read more →

Patching PACPL for Album Art and WMA Lossless Support

PACPL, the Perl Audio Converter, is a great Perl script that will batch transcode audio files from one format to another.  For a variety of reasons, my music library is in the WMA Lossless format, and I wanted to use PACPL to transcode the WMA files to MP3.  By default, PACPL does not supp... read more →

Great CD Sleeves from Slappa

I still buy CDs.  And until Amazon.com or iTunes starts selling music in a lossless format, I’ll likely continue to do so.  However, I rip CDs to my PC immediately after purchase, leaving me with the problem of where to store the CD.  Dumping the CD jewel case and storing just the C... read more →

Suntory Yamazaki Whisky | Uncrate

The Uncrate “buyers guide for men” has discovered one of my favorite beverages. Suntory Yamazaki Whisky | Uncrate Here’s what Uncrate has to say: Born from the pure waters of the Vale of Yamazaki and handcrafted at Japan's oldest distillery, Suntory Yamazaki Whisky is a great way to ... read more →

A Cheap Grind

Most coffee aficionados (like me) insist that whole bean coffee should be ground in a conical burr grinder. Never use a blade grinder. The typical reason is that a burr grinder creates a more even grind at a lower speed, as opposed to a blade grinder’s uneven grind at a high speed.  An uneven gri... read more →

Mounting an iPhone 3G in an Audi A4

There are a lot of solutions for using an iPod or iPhone in a car, but if you want the ideal combination of safety, good sound quality, and in-car charging, the options narrow quickly.  The options narrow even more if you want the final results to look clean and neat. For my iPhone 3G, I ended up ... read more →

Pioneering HD

Here’s a list of recent events: My Samsung DLP has been acting flakey.  Every so often when I turn it on, the picture doesn’t come up.  It fixes itself when I manually unplug the set, then plug it back in after a few seconds.  Does it need a new bulb?  Is the color wheel sticking? Pi... read more →

Komo Store Kona Coffee

Every time I visit the Big Island of Hawaii, I buy fresh Kona coffee.  I love driving through Holualoa and Captain Cook, where you can buy freshly roasted coffee right from the coffee groves and roasting companies.  There is a lot of good coffee to choose from in the Kona region, but my fa... read more →