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Use Crtl-T to Tag Files in MC on Mac

I've been using MC (Midnight Commander) for years on *nix systems, and was happy to get it running in the Terminal on the Mac. But where the heck is the Insert key on a Macbook Air? You need the Insert key to select files in MC! Thankfully, a helpful blogger pointed out that MC also uses the co... read more →

FuseSMB, Localhost, and You

FuseSMB is a handy network automounting tool for Linux. It basically works like the Network Neighborhood in Windows, allowing you to browse directories shared by other computers on the network. It uses the Samba (CIFS/SMB) protocol, so it picks up shares from Windows, Mac, or Linux machines…... read more →

A New Axe to Grind

For the past few months, I've been looking for a nice-sounding concert-sized acoustic guitar. I have a fine Takamine Dreadnought, but the size is uncomfortably large for me to have in my lap while I practice on the sofa. I played a lot of guitars, but was stunned to discover the value and quali... read more →