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New Droid Arrived

This week, the large brown lumbering vehicle made its customary journey to my homestead. Upon arrival, the humanoid occupant emerged, also clad in brown (yet with the odd insignia "U.P.S." emblazoned on his cloak). After the usual paperwork negotiations and a shout of "Utini!",... read more →

Calculate Commuting Costs

The always useful 511.org web site has a new feature: A web page where you can calculate your average out-of-pocket commuting costs. I just did these calculations myself a few weeks ago, and reached the same conclusions as the 511.org calculator. My commute costs me about $22 a day. Sheesh. ... read more →

Flat Cat

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box for my new Buffalo WiFi bridge and found this: That's a flat cat5 cable. I wonder if they are trying to coin the term "untwisted pairs"? Actually, as I look closely and skim my fingers over the cable, I think the pairs are still twisted. Bu... read more →