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Keeping or Tossing Old Magazines

In my office closet, I have about 6-8 years worth of Stereo Review / Sound & Vision and Guitar Player magazines. I've kept them because the stereo mags contain reviews of now-vintage hi-fi equipment (which I consider buying now and then), and the guitar magazines have equipment reviews as w... read more →

How to Ship a Boat: On a Ship

My friend Joe may have sailed solo across the pacific from Mexico to Tahiti, but he's taking a commercial airplane home. According to his latest email update, he's actually shipping his sailboat back. On a ship. I don't know anything about yachts or sailboats, but apparently, you can h... read more →

Word With No Distractions

There is some pretty innovative software showing up on the Mac these days. An app that caught my eye today is WriteRoom from Hog Bay Software. WriteRoom is a full-screen text editor with… nothing else. Just a blank screen and your text, no OS distractions. Excellent! Alas, I use Windows an... read more →

Takahashi Meijin

Oh wow, my old pal Takahashi Meijin has a web site and a blog which he seems to update regularly: http://www.hudson.co.jp/16shot/. I wish I wasn't so illiterate in Japanese so I could read it. And I have got to order one of his T-Shirts. If you don't know who Takahashi Meijin is, he's... read more →


The always interesting blog Cool Tools recommended a book called Peopleware . The book describes just how screwed up managers and management processes tend to be at software companies. The book basically states that most software companies focus so much on the product, process, and bottom line tha... read more →