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Choosing the Right Light Bag

I like to travel light, so I try to carry the smallest, lightest bags possible. However, I tend to carry a lot of gadgets, which can include any number of the following: Cel Phone PDA Laptop iPod GameBoy (or DS / PSP) Digital Camera Assorted Cables Various Power Converters When I need to carry al... read more →

Just Another Saturday at Best Buy

I stopped by Best Buy after work on Saturday to buy a new DVD player and ask about calibrating my new DLP set. Here's how the experience went with Best Buy's Blue Shirt crew: MikeyP: Hi, what's the return policy on this DVD player?Blue Shirt Guy #1: 14 days, no restock fee.MikeyP: Thank... read more →

Star Wars EP1 and EP2 DVD Quality

Regardless of your opinion about Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace , one thing thing about the film is without debate: the picture quality of the EP1 DVD is absolutely awful. The disk is chock full of everything you can do wrong with production of a DVD. Edge enhancement is apparent everywhe... read more →