Dust Control in the Garage Workshop

Posted: July 31, 2010

After years of sweeping and dusting and dozens of disposable air filter masks, I’m finally taking dust control seriously in my garage workshop.

Dust control starts at the tool with a vacuum system, but it ends in the air.  No matter how well I gathered chips and dust while working on a piece of wood, I would inevitably find a film of dust on everything in the garage by the end of the day.

No more.

Jet Air Filtration
Jet Air Filtration System

I bought and installed a Jet Air Filtration System in the garage, and my days of pervasive dust are history.  There are several air filter systems available.  I picked the Jet because of a good review in Fine Woodworking and a good price plus “free” Prime shipping on Amazon.com.

You simply turn it on via a remote control, set the speed, set the number of hours it should run, and forget about it.  It works like a home furnace, with a reasonably quiet impeller that cycles air through two sets of filters.  The results are quickly noticeable.

\$300 is cheap insurance against emphysema and lung cancer, eh?

(Why yes, I did in fact mount this sucker to the ceiling joists all by myself. Not recommended…)