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Replacing a Norelco Beard Trimmer


I’ve been using a Norelco Maverick T-1000 beard trimmer for several years. It is a durable, battery-powered trimmer that has an easy-to-clean trimmer head. You just press a button and the trimmer head swings open to allow for trimmings to be brushed out. I use the trimmer once a week to keep the Grizzly Adams effect in check.

A couple of weeks ago, I pressed the cleaning button and the trimmer head flew off in to the sink and a giant spring bounced enthusiastically in to the next room. Ah well, time for a new trimmer. I didn’t have time to go to the store right away, so my beard kept growing.

Eventually, I picked up a new Wahl brand trimmer. Upon opening the package, I knew that I picked the wrong replacement. Instead of a single adjustable trimmer, it seemed to include 17 different attachable comb-things and big tube of machine oil. When I tried to pull off the default comb-thing, it broke into a dozen tiny shards of cheap black plastic. Buyer’s note: Wahl offers a 30 day money back guarantee. I got my money back. My beard kept growing.

I then purchased a Philips Norelco T-770 Accuvac trimmer, that promises to suck the whiskers right off your face… or something to that effect. It looked like a modern upgrade to the old Maverick, except that instead of a button to swing open the trimmer head for cleaning, you need to grasp both sides of the head and firmly pull it off. I grasped, pulled firmly, and cleanly snapped the head in two distinct pieces. Norleco’s money back guarantee is a generous 60 days. I used just one. A small squirrel built a nest in my now bushy mustache.

Finally, I bought a Philips Norelco T-765 AccuTrim beard trimmer. This thing is the clear descendant of my old reliable Maverick, only now it has a lighter weight and uses a rechargeable battery. They’ve even improved the head cleaning - instead of pressing a button to swing back the head, you just give it a little kick with your thumb. I’ll be giving it a gentle kick as I spend the next several hours mowing my face anew.

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