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The Non-Designers Design Book


I have no formal training in typography or page layout design, but as someone who needs to constantly communicate and pitch ideas, page layout design is really important to me. A couple of months ago, the Coding Horror blog recommended The Non-Designers Design Book, and I ordered it.

The Non-Designers Design Book is a must-read for anyone who… well… wait a sec. It is a must-read for everyone. If you communicate, which you likely do :-), this book will give you a simple overview of how to improve the appearance and approachability of your written communication. The book is short, easy to read, and instantly enlightening to those of us new to page design vocabulary. Over the years, I’ve not only used the techniques from this book in countless documents and presentations, but I’ve also taught the techniques to my direct reports.

If there was anything to critique about the book, I would say it is the overuse of the phrase Don’t be a wimp!, but it simply reflects the author’s design philosophies.

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