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Hi, I’m MikeyP. This is my personal site, where I talk about hobbies, interests, DIY, products I use, tech I play with, etc. I tend to keep my personal and professional lives separate.

This web site has been around since the ‘90’s, and has been a blog since 2004. Most of the original posts have been archived, except for a handful of the more popular product recommendation posts. I hope to get in the groove of posting again soon.

I used to blog daily back in the early years of the blogosphere, but since then, I’ve kept the site up mostly as a hobby to tinker with web tech. Believe it or not, it ran on Blosxom, along with some of my own Perl scripts, for 15 years.

Web tech has changed dramatically in the past few years, and after running on Gatsby for a bit, the site now runs on Astro. I find it amusing that after all of the technology changes, we’ve come full circle to the some of the same site-generation design philosophies that were behind Blosxom.

You’ll notice links to on many pages. You know how this works. The Amazon Associate program agreement requires the following awkwardly worded statement: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You can find me on various social media sites.

(If you are interested in me professionally, you’ll know how to find me on LinkedIn and my current company page.)

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