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Reverting to VirusScan 10

Wow, I thought blocked email was the only problem I had with the McAfee VirusScan 11, but there are a few other kinks they need to work out. I decided to revert to VirusScan 10 for a few reasons:

  1. The only way to get around that pesky email issue is to disable email virus scanning. But every time I log back in to my computer, McAfee insists on popping a message box warning me that I'm "not protected". There is no way to disable this pop up.
  2. VirusScan 11 is a flat out resource hog. When running, it creates 12 (!) processes that collectively consume over 150MB of RAM. VirusScan 10 is no small app either, but it uses less than 50MB with under 6 processes.
  3. Custom configuration is a real hassle. The new Security Center management app hides so many details that I'm still not sure if I ever had it configured right.

Thanks to some clever folks on the McAfee support forums, I found that I could download and reinstall VirusScan 10 by using the UK McAfee site at http://uk.mcafee.com. Why the UK site is easier to use than the US site is beyond me.

VirusScan 10 is a very well done security app, and I'm grateful that Comcast offers this software for free. I can only hope that McAfee figures that out, and brings VirusScan 11 back to a manageable state.

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