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The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Graphic designer Jonathan Jarvis has created a really cool animated feature describing the current credit crisis. The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo. While he doesn’t cover everything in the feature, such as the impact of AIG’s rescue, the video is quite informa... read more →


Need a quick chord or scale reference for guitar? Check out GOSK, aka the Guitar Online Survival Kit. Very handy! ... read more →

Simpler Tables for OpenWiki

I've been using OpenWiki extensively for the past four years, so I decided to contribute some (short and simple) source code back to the project. I'm not sure if anyone cares, but I found my code to be pretty handy. It is a simplified markup for table formatting, which can get pretty darn... read more →

Bloggin' Brian

My long time friend Brian has relaunched his web site in a blog format. Welcome to the blogosphere Brian! When he's not coding games, Brian writes the defacto software for Eastern Indian astrology, called Jyotish Tools. His blog is here:http://blog.jyotishtools.com/ ... read more →

Asteroid Itokawa Science

Last night, Timothy Noah posted an article on Slate.com about the Japanese asteroid probe Hayabusa, and the amazing science and pictures it has collected of asteroid Itokawa. Until now, all I've seen in the press is how much trouble the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has had with the ... read more →

USGS Shows Quakes on Google Maps

This evening I went to the excellent USGS Earthquake tracking web site to find out if the rocking "thud" our house made tonight was a quake. Although the site lists earthquake info instantly on low-res maps, their precise location maps have always been old pastel-colored topo maps only a ... read more →

Bloglines Plummer

I got a chuckle when I saw the bloglines maintenance outage page today, featuring 'The Bloglines Plummer': ... read more →

Every Web Browser Ever Made

Wow, these guys have a huge archive of web browsers. I'd swear I tested against a 3rd of these when we launched our first corporate web site… via an FTP share on Netcom. (That was the era when I emailed Yahoo our new URL, and Jerry Yang replied with a 'thanks!') Caught on digg ... read more →

RSS On the Go

I've been looking for a decent RSS reader to use either on my PalmOS Zodiac or on my phone, but none of the apps out there right now seem to be ready for prime time. Since I can access the internet from anywhere on my Zodiac via bluetooth or WiFi, all I want is a basic reader that can grab my... read more →

Reviews of Usenet Feed Services

Somewhere along the line when I wasn't paying attention, Comcast High-Speed Internet revealed that they outsource their usenet feed (netnews.comcast.net) to Giganews, a respected and reliable usenet feed provider. For Comcast subscribers, there is a 2GB/month download limit. I did not know tha... read more →

LinkStash Bookmark Manager

Recently, I noticed that it was taking forever for a new Internet Explorer window to open on WinXP. For convenience, I always left the Favorites sidebar open, and I realized that having the sidebar open was dramatically slowing IE's launch time. I suppose that for each new window, IE was itera... read more →