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Xiino Broken?

Is the Data Server for the Xiino web browser [xiino3.4, xiinodead, xiinooffline] for Palm OS broken? Starting last week or so, any attempt to log in to a web site via Xiino (particularly SSL-based logins) would cause my Treo 650 to hang. I now see that all URLs to Xiino's maker, Mobirus, return 404's, with the exception of the home page, which shows the default Apache installation page.

Xiino is the fastest Palm browser by far, as it uses an excellent custom proxy server run by Mobrius. The Mobirus site hosts this proxy called a "DataServer", which now seems to be partially (or completely) offline. The DataServer is what handles logins, so without it, Xiino cannot log in to any new web site.

Xiino still works without a DataServer, but without personal logins, many sites are useless (like Yahoo).

Anyone still running the ship over there at Mobirus?

UPDATE 11/11: 3 weeks later, and the Xiino Dataserver is still offline. Since Blazer sucks, this means that the Treo as a portable web platform is history. Time to get used to the java-based Opera Mini…

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