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MacWorld Twitter Commute

As usual, today's MacWorld keynote was scheduled to occur during my morning commute. As a card-carrying geek, I like to follow the keynote live via liveblogs or Twitter. I have a dashboard mount in my car for my iPhone, so I fired up the Twitterfon app and attempted to catch the keynote Twitter updates during my drive. However, after one minute, the iPhone would blank and lock the screen as it usually does, preventing me from seeing Twitterfon updates.

Normally, I use the iPod app on the iPhone to listen to music and podcasts during the drive. When audio is playing on the iPod, the iPhone does not auto-lock. In fact, you can leave the audio running in the background while using other apps. Perfect!

I opened the iPod app, started an album, switched back to Twitterfon, and enjoyed the MacWorld keynote updates throughout my commute. Cool.

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