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Sony Qualia - The Dream Screen

There are a lot of great HDTV [WikiPedia] big-screen monitors available these days, but nearly all of them have maximum resolution of 1280×720, which supports the HDTV resolution 720p. Unfortunately, 720p is not the highest HDTV resolution - 1080i is. Even though 1080i is interlaced, the ultimate way to view 1080i content is on a screen that supports true 1080p progressive-scan resolution. An ultimate version of that screen, in my opinion, is the Sony Qualia.

When I was in Japan a couple of months ago, I got to see some Qualia stuff in person at Sony's headquarters, and I was blown away by the perfection of the picture quality. Click the thumbnail to see a full 1.2MB close-up.

According to a pull-out section in this month's Sound & Vision magazine, it looks like Sony is only releasing two Qualia models in the US this year, both big and expensive. We can only hope that they release more soon, or its back to Japan for me!

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