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Update on Rock Paper Scissors Captcha

So far, my experiment with a Rock Paper Scissors game for writeback spam reduction [morerpscaptcha, rpscaptchasandwich, rpscaptcha] has been pretty successful. Until today, I've had zero successful writeback spams.

Today, I had seven attempted spam posts, all for different blog entries, and five spams were posted successfully. But oddly, all five successful posts had exactly the same winning answer to the Rock Paper Scissors game. All five had chosen the answer "scissors", and got it right on the first try. The odds of the same answer coming up 5 of 7 times seems weird, as the RPS game is random. Or at least, that's how the code is supposed to work.

I'm beginning to wonder if my Perl [WikiPedia] coding skills suck worse than I think…

Update 12/8: 29 more spam post attempts, 6 successful, all 6 answered "scissors". Definitely need to take a look at the code this weekend.

Update 2/20: I looked at my code, and couldn't find any glaring errors. After a couple of months with no successful spam posts, I'm getting a small flurry again, about 6-10 attempts per day, with 2-4 successes. And this time, all successful posts are answering "rock." Wild.

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One only has to count the number of times the Suck-O-Meter ranks me in the 'bad' column to know your random number generator sucks ;)

posted by: Chris Weiss | URL:

Ahhhhh, the Suck-O-Meter. I should update that software one of these days…

posted by: MikeyP | URL: www.mikeyp.com