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Fixing Fonts in Opera on Ubuntu

Do your fonts in Opera 9.5 look "fuzzy" or "pixelly" on Ubuntu? Mine did, until I added a .fonts.conf file in my home directory. Just copy and paste the XML from this post on my.opera.com to your ~/.fonts.conf file to get corrected font rendering. ... read more →

Miter Saw Laser Guide

I love my old Delta Compound Miter saw. I have a fairly basic model, but it does what it is designed to do: make straight cuts at measured angles. But with basic saws you do miss out on some cool features of more expensive models. Like laser guides, for instance. I usually make a pretty accurate ... read more →

A PC Guy and MacBook Air

I've been using the MacBook Air [macbookair, macbookair, usingthemacbookair] for about a month now. I haven't used a Mac since they ran System 7, and I've been an avid ThinkPad X-series [thinkpadx40issues, thinkpadreference, thinkpadx40] user for the past 5 or 6 years. Before then, I w... read more →

I Hate InstallShield

I can't tell you how many times I've seen InstallShield crash or hang when I try to install or uninstall a program on Windows XP. In many cases, I'll open Process Explorer, kill the hung process, and take a peek at the TEMP directory (in Windows\Temp). I usually find a dozen "temp... read more →