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Tunneling VNC Over MyEntunnel

MyEntunnel is a cool app for tunneling SSH via Windows. I use it primarily to proxy IM connections from work to my Linux server at home. Today, with some help from StickyC, I set it up to tunnel VNC . Here are the settings. My VNC server is running on the same Linux box as the SSH server. So in... read more →

VirtualBox Rocks

When I was comparing Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 [virtualpcadditions, virtualpc2007] with the free VMWare Player virtual machine, I lamented having to decide between a polished, easy-to-use solution versus a powerful, yet clunky solution. But then I remembered that InnoTek recently made their V... read more →

Linux DST Change

As you probably know, thanks to the morons in Washington, Daylight Savings Time has been meaninglessly changed this year. If you have some Linux boxes running a distro older than a couple of years, you'll likely need to manually update the time zone data. Luckily, Linux-Watch.com has a nice and... read more →

Using FolderShare

FolderShare is a neat peer-to-peer file sharing application that was recently acquired by Microsoft. It sits in your system tray and silently synchronizes a specific folder on one computer to a folder on some other computers. Some co-workers and I are giving a talk tomorrow, and we decided to use ... read more →

Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea

Over the past year or two, I've rediscovered a love for comics and graphic novels. But I can't stand most super hero comics, so I usually gravitate toward the independent and underground stuff (the "weirdo section" as it is labeled at my favorite shop, Dr. Comics and Mr. Games). I... read more →

Manage an iPod From an iPod

iTunes is a fine media player and media manager, though for me, the Windows version feels sluggish and bloated. I wish I didn't have to use it to manage the mp3 collection on my iPod nano. I've tried XPlay and Anapod Explorer, but found both to be a bit clumsy, and in some cases glitchy. ... read more →

Using Online Backups

I've been using online backup services since 1999. I realized that I had enough data in Quicken that losing it would be a painful experience. I also realized that I wasn't sure if I could trust local backup media, like ZIP disks (back then) and CD-Rs, especially if there was a fire or floo... read more →