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(not) Installing Virtual PC Additions

The more I play with Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007 [virtualpcadditions, virtualpc2007], the more I appreciate the effort from MS, and the more I become disappointed with the Linux guest OS performance on my P4 Prescott-based WinXP machine. I installed the SimplyMEPIS Linux distro in Virtual PC 200... read more →

Trying Virtual PC 2007

Microsoft just released Virtual PC 2007 as a free download. Like VMWare , Virtual PC 2007 lets you install several operating systems on one PC at the same time. I decided to try it out today and compare it to VMWare's free VMWare Player. VPC07 installs nicely, and is unobtrusive. Unlike VMWare... read more →

Custom E-Mail to Deflect Spam

I own a few domain names, which means that I have the ability to create an unlimited number of email addresses. This is a cheap and effective way to reduce email spam in your inbox. Whenever I purchase something from a web retailer that I've never used before, I create a custom email address th... read more →

Wii On The Spot

If you watch the 2/8/07 video of Gamespot's "On The Spot" web show, you can see more live demos of the Wii (and PS3) game I'm working on. See if you can recognize the slouching demo guy… http://www.gamespot.com/pages/features/onthespot/index.php ... read more →

How About FLAC, Steve?

Two years ago [musicstorage4, musicstorage6, musicstorage1, musicstorage2, musicstorage-solved3, musicstorage3, musicstorage-solved1, musicstorage8, musicstorage-solved2, musicstorage5, musicstorage7], I set out to use a single Lossless Audio Compression format for all of my music. It turned out th... read more →

Beware of Microsoft Update

I never turn my WinXP machine off. Instead, I have it set to automatically go to "System Standby" mode after 1 hour of no activity. When I'm done using the machine, I just Log Off and let it go to Standby. When I return (the next day, for example), I just press Enter, wait a few sec... read more →