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GameCube Games for Wii

One of the many cool things about the Nintendo Wii [wiionthespot, wiisensorextension, wiibomberman, wiigcgames, godfatherwiivideo] is the fact that it can play all games made for the Nintendo GameCube. There were a ton of neat games made for the GC, and most of them are now available for less than ... read more →

Extending Wii Sensor Bar Cable

I'm seeing a bunch of wild and crazy solutions on the net for dealing with the short Wii Sensor Bar cable. I wonder why people are going so crazy with this thing when it is a simple two-conductor wire? If you have even the most basic of soldering skills (or not!), you can pretty easily extend ... read more →

Star Trek: Tactical Assault

Star Trek: Tactical Assault for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS is an underrated game. However, it isn't for everyone: It is a Star Trek game It is for Trekkies who like the Star Trek II era of Trek It is generally derived from an old paper and miniatures game called Star Fleet Battles The comba... read more →

Waiting Rather Than Acting

A few months ago on Kevin Smith's blog, he lamented that a movie idea of his was getting made. Without him. Several years ago, he had an idea for a particular film story, but never got around to making it. As time passed, someone else eventually, and independantly, came up with a very similar... read more →

Bloggin' Brian

My long time friend Brian has relaunched his web site in a blog format. Welcome to the blogosphere Brian! When he's not coding games, Brian writes the defacto software for Eastern Indian astrology, called Jyotish Tools. His blog is here:http://blog.jyotishtools.com/ ... read more →