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As you probably already know, the Nintendo Wii is a must-own video game system. The included Wii Sports game is an excellent family game that is practically worth the price of the system. But, in my opinion, the real reason to buy a Wii is: Bomberman '93 For a mere six bucks, you can download ... read more →

REI Sahara Technical Tees

I recently did a couple of weeks of traveling. Over the years, I've learned to pack lighter and lighter, so on this trip, I brought only one kind of shirt: The REI Sahara Tech Tee. The tech tees are 100% polyester, but they feel as comfortable as cotton. They breath very well, and amazingly,... read more →

A Galactic Ripoff

I guess this makes me a Star Wars sucker, but I bought all three updates of the classic Star Wars DVDs [starwarsdvdep1, badstarwarspq] so I could watch the "bonus" inclusion of the original, unaltered films. But I was shocked to see the picture quality to be as bad as it is. I've owne... read more →

MediaGear Flash-HD to Go

On my last two vacations, I've brought along a memory card backup system called Flash-HD to Go from MediaGear. It is basically an external USB hard drive with mem card slots. You pop in a memory card, select it with some buttons on the Flash-HD, and it backs up the whole card to the internal h... read more →