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Single Reg Key Sinks Office Updates

For the past 8 months or so, all of the Microsoft Office Security Updates that have come through the Windows Update system have failed to install on my home WinXP machine. I couldn't find any solution to the problem in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, so I've been checking the "don't ... read more →

No Slip with egrips

I love egrips. When I got my Treo [treotoiphone, treoinhawaii, treoweekone, treofirstimpressions], the first thing I did after applying the excellent Palm-brand screen protector was cover the thing with lots of generic egrips stickers. With the strategically placed non-slip stickers, I never once ... read more →

Big Bass with Tiny iPod nano

I decided to buy an 8GB iPod nano to replace my aging (but perfectly scratch-free) 2nd-gen 10GB iPod. The original iPod had pretty good sound quality except with deeper bass, where the frequencies would quickly melt away the deeper the bass went. At least it was much better than the music player i... read more →

Cooking with Stylus

Cooking Mama is a ridiculous game for the Nintendo DS. And I mean that in a very tasty way, as Cooking Mama is a quick appetizer of a game that is well worth the $19 price tag. The game involves using the DS Stylus to whip up a variety of dishes, mostly Japanese-style. You start by preparing a ba... read more →