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The Godfather for Xbox 360

The Godfather: The Game [godfather, godfatherwiivideo, godfather360, godfatherlegacy] is out for the Xbox 360 . If you've played it on the PS2, you'll find a bunch of new features in the 360 version, including some new missions, a new ability to hire crew members, and my personal favorite, ... read more →

Digesting the Cryptonomicon

I know, I'm about 6 years late, but I finally got around to reading Cryptonomicon , by Neal Stephenson. Other than the underwhelming ending, this was my favorite Stephenson book yet (compared to Zodiac, which I hated, and Snowcrash and The Diamond Age, which I loved). Enough has been written ab... read more →

Treo Takes a Vacation

I brought my Treo [treotoiphone, treoinhawaii, treoweekone, treofirstimpressions] with me to Hawaii last week, as it has been rock solid for me over the past several months. I figured that I might use it like I do normally on a daily basis, taking notes about things, checking the stock market, ignor... read more →

Loving Google Sketchup

Until now, I hadn't used Sketchup, the 3D design software, since they were bought by Google. The last time I tried to use it, I didn't quite grok the "shaping" metaphors they use. But I recently needed to use some easy CAD software, and I after seeing some nice diagrams, decided ... read more →

Remembering GEOS

One of the coolest things I ever saw on my Commodore 64 was a Mac-like graphical OS environment called GEOS . OSNews is running a really nice article about the history of GEOS, and if you're are old C64 hack like me, it is a must read. ... read more →