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Disappointing iPod HiFi Review

Although retail stores are poor places to evaluate audio systems, I listened to the iPod Hi-Fi at an Apple store the other day. To me, it sounded like a decent pair of bookshelf speakers… …taped together and layed perfectly flat on the bottom of an empty bathtub. Yeah, it probably soun... read more →

USGS Shows Quakes on Google Maps

This evening I went to the excellent USGS Earthquake tracking web site to find out if the rocking "thud" our house made tonight was a quake. Although the site lists earthquake info instantly on low-res maps, their precise location maps have always been old pastel-colored topo maps only a ... read more →

The Godfather Legacy

If you are a fan of The Godfather film , book , or game [godfather, godfatherwiivideo, godfather360, godfatherlegacy], you'll enjoy The Godfather Legacy by Harlen Lebo . Lebo's book is a fascinating account of the making of the classic films. The writing style is captivating and easy to re... read more →

The Back-Logged Life

Getting the sense that you are completely overwhelmed with data, from emails, newsfeeds, DVR, etc.? This dude totally nails it: …these days, my feed reader pulls down megabytes of data – a large portion of it, of course, cat pictures… A must read rant. Found on furrygoat ... read more →

Video Card Replacement

My WinXP machine suddenly starting displaying random patterns of video garbage Saturday, which I figured was the sure sign of a crapped out video card. Weird, since I haven't had a video card go bad since the Vesa Local Bus days. The computer must have known I was passing by Fry's that day... read more →