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Work to Live

Jason Della Rocca recommended the book Work to Live as required reading for everyone in the game industry. As frequent particpants in ritual crunch modes, Work to Live isn't an eye-opening forehead-slapping revolution. Rather, it is a nice reminder that there is indeed life outside of the cub... read more →

Current Settings for Samsung HL-R4667W

I've tuned the service menu and user menu settings for my Samsung HL-R4667W [samsung1080i, samsunghlr4667wservicemenu, samsunghlr4667w, samsungpronto, samsunghlr4667wsettings, exchangesamsung] a hundred times, and changed nearly every value. At the end of the day, however, I only needed to make... read more →

Replacing a Sony Vaio Hard Drive

I replaced a failing hard drive in Sony Vaio Z1VA . In retrospect, it was pretty straightforward, but here are some tips that tripped me up: Opening the Z1VA: There are about 13 screws on the bottom of the laptop that need to be removed. 3 are covered by stickers. Before you can remove the plasti... read more →

Apple Posts Sound Info Page

As a follow-up to their iPod Volume Limiter patch, Apple has also posted a page on their web site explaining how sound works, and the dangers of loud noises. Pretty basic stuff, but commendable nonetheless. (Perhaps the company has realized that deaf people don't buy music on iTunes.) ... read more →

Sites Not Tested with Opera

Although Opera [operaubuntufonts, opera, opera9, operastaticbin, opera-idstring, operamini41, badoperasites, operaminiusage, operamini4] is my primary browser, I've found some sites that don't work well with it. I'll keep a running list here: https://www.bayareafastrak.org - The "... read more →

Impressive Xbox 360 DVD Player

To my surprise, the DVD player in the Xbox 360 [xbox360firstplay, xbox360dvdplayer, xbox360ad] is pretty impressive. Compared to my Panasonic XP50, the Xbox 360 DVD player shows a noticeably sharper picture with stronger color when connected to my Samsung HL-R4667 [samsung1080i, samsunghlr4667wserv... read more →

Opera Rules Linux Too

After Firefox again failed to build on my Linux box, I thought I'd never find a stable, compatible, full-featured web browser for Linux. Mozilla had the feature set covered, and the truetype Xft patch made it look nice, but performance was unusably slow. Konqueror is always interesting, but l... read more →

Copernic Desktop Search beats MSN

I used the MSN Desktop Search for several months on my work machine. I've found that a desktop search app is an invaluable resource in this day and age of gigabytes of data. I can't live without search now. MSN Desktop Search has a lot of great features, but also several annoyances. For m... read more →

Xbox 360 First Impressions

Just got an Xbox 360 set up with the rest of my consoles. Some quick first impression notes: The original Xbox Wireless Bridge works just fine with the 360. An optical digital audio cable is not included. Glad I had a spare one. The 360 is pretty noisy, but not much more so than the Xbox and PS2. ... read more →

Bravo to Apple for iPod Volume Patch

Apple just released an iPod firmware update that allows users to personally set the iPod's maximum volume output. Incredibly, many tech blogs and news sites are actually criticizing Apple for "caving in" to people who are "too dumb to turn it down." Well, have you ever accide... read more →

Opera IE Spoof

In his PC Magazine column, John Dvorak mentioned how the Opera web browser [operaubuntufonts, opera, opera9, operastaticbin, opera-idstring, operamini41, badoperasites, operaminiusage, operamini4] sends a fake browser ID to web sites. Rather than identifying itself as Opera, it pretends to be Inter... read more →