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Impressed with Apple Cinema Display

I bought a 20" Apple Cinema Display yesterday to replace my excellent-yet-aging SGI 1600SW flat panel monitor. The Cinema is flawless. It is dead silent (no annoying buzzing like my Dell screens at work), and there aren't any defective pixels that I've noticed so far. And it's r... read more →

Budget Behringer Desktop Mixer

To relieve myself of the ambient noise at my work desk, I've started wearing closed-back isolation headphones. Since I need to listen to at least two different audio sources at the same time, a decent desktop audio mixer was in order. The last time I looked at mixers several years ago, there w... read more →

Satisfyingly Simple Sudoku

The Sudoku craze that has swept through Japan and England has finally caught traction in the US. If you haven't played it, Sudoku is a numerical puzzle consisting of a 9×9 grid. A little like a crossword puzzle, the goal is to fill each row with the numbers 1 through 9 (no duplicates), a... read more →

Quietly Upgrading my Monitor

The monitor on my main WinXP machine at home is a Silicon Graphics 1600SW. This was the first high-end widescreen monitor available, and also the first LCD monitor that had a refresh rate fast enough for gaming. At its native resolution of 1600×1024, the 17" diagonal screen keeps text so... read more →